Update to CSA's Safety Measurement System

Update to CSA's Safety Measurement System
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On Monday December 3rd, 2012, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) officially implemented 11 changes to the Safety Measurement System (SMS) that makes up CSA. With the improvements to the SMS, the FMCSA will be able to assess a company's on-the-road safety performance more accurately. Here are some of the most notable enhancements:

  • A Hazardous Materials Compliance BASIC takes the place of the Cargo-Related BASIC.
  • Cargo and Load securement violations are now included in the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC.
  • Violations found during pre-trip inspections on intermodal equipment now count.
  • Severity weights of paper and electronic logbook violations become equal.
  • Speeding violations between 1-5mph no longer carry any weight.
  • Fatigued Driving BASIC is changed to the Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance BASIC.

    If you are hauling hazardous materials you will need to ensure you are properly using placards on your trailers. A violation weight of 5 is assessed for failing to have the correct placards, having damaged placards, or not having placards. It has also become important to perform your pre-trip inspection on the intermodal equipment. It has become more important that every driver perform an accurate pre-trip inspection. One Tool to help you comply with these requirements is the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool checks tire tread depth (violation weight of 8), brake stroke (violation weight of 4), brake lining thickness (violation weight of 4) and windshield cracks (violation weight of 1), as well as ensuring drivers perform their pre-trip inspection (failing to do a pre-trip has a violation weight of 4).

    Your SMS results may have been affected due to these changes and it is recommended that motor carriers check their safety data.

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