Winter Spells Trouble to Diesel Engines with Freeze-Ups

Winter Spells Trouble Diesel Engines with Freeze-Ups
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If you have ever been in the north during the winter months you know how cold it can get. The winter months are great for building a snowman, snowball fights, and hockey, but it is not a good time to be a diesel engine. The engine must not get cold or you could end up with a freeze-up. The actual freezing point varies based on many different factors, but the risk remains.

Keeping an engine warm can be accomplished multiple ways, you can do constant idling or use block heaters. The former can be a very expensive method as a typical truck can burn through a gallon of fuel each hour, while the latter can be run in a much more cost effective (and environmentally friendly) manner. But block heaters are not perfect. They can fail and leave you out in the cold.

It is essential to keep an eye on how your block heater is performing in order to keep your truck on the road during the frigid northern winters.Using the Power Block - Block Heater Tester will ensure that your block heater is performing at an optimum level. The Power Block immediately identifies if the block heater is functioning properly by testing AC voltage, amps, and watts.

A Power Block should be used to test all your block heaters before winter even arrives. A preventative check now can make all the difference when the snow begins to fall. Save the time, money and frustration of a freeze-up caused by a malfunctioning block heater by doing a check that takes less than one minute with the Power Block.