CarbonClean® MV-6 Fuel System Cleaner

CarbonClean® MV-6 Fuel System Cleaner
Part Number: MTT400-0060
Price: $76.79
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains the maximum allowable amount of detergent by law to clean carbon, gum and varnish off injectors and valves
  • Proprietary "Steam Cleaning" formulation breaks down carbon deposits in the fuel system and combustion chamber
  • Exclusive HydroBond Technology eliminates water and improves fuel atomization for a more efficient combustion of fuel
  • Where competitors' products send carbon deposits downstream, our unique aliphatic chemistry causes carbon to burn up, preventing problems associated with O2 sensors and catalytic converters
  • Pre-mixed package, introduced through the fuel rail

The drive away benefits of the MV-6 include restored fuel economy, more power, less emissions, better start-up, reduced hesitation and smoother idle.  MV-6 works with any pressurized canister tool that delivers product through the fuel rail.