Time to Pull Out Your Start-All

Time to Pull Our Your Start-All
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It's that time of year again, Winter. Snow has been hitting different regions of the country and its only a matter of time before the rest of us are slung into our own winter wonderlands. If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to make sure your Start-All is firing on all cylinders.

The first checks are with the engine. Make sure you have changed the oil and filter, if you have one on your unit. Next you will need to replace the air filter if the current one is dirty. The spark plugs should also be replaced if they show any signs of wear. Now you can start up the Start-All to make sure it runs smoothly. If it does not run smoothly you may need to clean the carburetor.

Now that you are sure the engine has been thoroughly checked and running properly, you should check for any fraying, glazing or cracking on the v-belts. If you have an air compressor equipped, change the compressor oil and clean the intake filter. Check for any loose or overheated wires, tighten or replace them as needed. Similarly, jumper cables need to be inspected for spring tension in the jaws, frayed insulation and pinched cables.

Your generator needs to have 3/8" of material left on the brushes. To check for this, look in the back and measure the brushes. Even if they are sparking they may still need to be replaced.

Next you should check the operations of the Start-All. Connect your Start-All to a discharged battery or vehicle that needs boosting. Using a DVM, measure the voltage before and after engaging the unit to determine if the Start-All is functioning properly. Now you should ensure all generators are in working order. To determine this, check each generator by attaching an amp clamp to the output cable on the each generator while you are measuring the voltage with the DVM. The Start-All is designed to work with only 1 or 2 generators, but it runs best with all generators operating.

Once you have inspected your entire Start-All you are ready for anything winter brings. These checks are to help ensure your Start-All runs at its optimum performance level. To view our list of starting equipment click here. If you are in need of v-belts, brushes, or jumper cables for your Start-All call Unique Truck Equipment at (800) 777-4855.