Tire Balancing

Tire Balancing
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As you may know, balancing your tires has a few major benefits.  Well balanced tires eliminate vibrations, have a smoother ride, reduce tread wear, maximize mileage, and reduce maintenance costs. But when it comes to balancing your tires, do you use balancing machines or balancing compounds?   Having properly balanced tires can reduce wear and tear on the tires, the truck, and the truck driver. 

Using balancing machines and rim weights, your tires should be re-balanced at regular intervals, usually around 30,000 miles.  But with a balancing compound, there is no need to re-balance your tires at these regular intervals.  This is because the compound, often consisting of beads or granules, re-positions itself with the help of centrifugal force to keep the tire balanced at all times.  An example of the compound needing to reposition is if your tires get clogged with mud.  The balancing compound will shift to keep the tire balanced while the mud is attached.  

Using moveable material inside tires has been around since the fifties.  Liquids, metal shot, and golf balls were all used to internally balance tires. Once roads improved, with less pot holes, it became more economical for truckers to find a compound to use to enhance tread life. 

Installation of balancing compound consists of inserting the bag of beads or granules into the tire before mounting it to the wheel.  Some compounds may have powdery material that can create problems by clogging tire pressure monitoring systems.  If you are using these kinds of tire pressure monitoring systems, it may be best to use a bead compound that will not block the TPMS sensor holes. It is also recommended that lubricant be used sparingly while mounting the tires, as to avoid clumping of the compound.

At Unique Truck Equipment, we offer Magnum Plus, a balancing compound that consists of microbeads.  These beads are coated to prevent any static cling with the tire, making them able to flow through the tire freely.  As the truck gains speed, the beads will find the optimum position inside the tire, balancing the tire until the vehicle comes to a stop.  

If you would like any more information on balancing compounds or Magnum Plus, please contact us and we will gladly answer any questions you have.