Loose Lug Nuts?

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A truck is traveling down the highway on the way to deliver its cargo in the next state. Everything seems normal, except a driver-side trailer tire has dislodged and is now barreling down the road. This Scenario can end many different ways, harmlessly falling along the roadside or it could end similar to the tragedy in San Diego were the trucks tire caved in the windshield of a 45-year-old motorist. He suffered severe brain damage, lost vision in one eye and some hearing damage in one ear. In a civil case, this accident ended up costing $6.25 million.

Stories like this can be avoided by performing proper checks. The three types of inspections performed are Pre-trip Inspections, On-the-road-inspection, and Post-trip Inspection. Each of these inspections involves a walk around that must be used to check the wheels. Not only will catching mechanical problems early alleviate major repair costs, but it will help prevent mechanical failures that lead to accidents.

A simple way to visually check all your wheel nuts during these inspections is to use Wheel-Check, a high visibility plastic arrow that attaches to each lug nut once they are torqued to specs. These arrows are pointed in a distinct pattern that allows a quick visual inspection, if any are out of sequence, then you know you have a loose wheel nut and the wheel can be serviced. You may also find you are doing less unnecessary re-torquing of the wheel nuts, reducing wheel stud wear and breakage. 

The fine for loosing a wheel in Ontario, Canada can be up to $50,000. And with all of the new CVSA criteria it wouldn't be unlikely to see fines raise in the US for these kinds of violations. 

It is more affordable to equip your trucks and trailers with a 67 cent piece of plastic than to pay fines, or worse, be caught up in legal fees and civil cases. A small investment could save money in property damage, truck or trailer damage, fines, or even human life.