Bendix TRDU (Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit for Trailer ABS

Bendix TRDU
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No Thumbing through manuals. No blink codes. No handhelds. No computers. No complicated instructions. Just fast and easy troubleshooting!

The Bendix Trailer RDU simply plugs directly into the trailer's 7-pin diagnostic connector under the dash when the full tractor-trailer is connected. The green LED will flash four times to indicate communications have been established. The TRDU provides immediate system status, displaying ABS fault information using colored LED lights. The flexible Bendix Trailer RDU (TRDU) supports the complete range of Bendix ABS components, including Bendix TABS-6, A-18 (Gen 5), and MC-30 Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

If the ABS system has no active trouble codes or faults, only the green VLT LED will remain lit to indicate that the system is receiving the proper voltage. If the ABS system has at least one active trouble code/fault, the red LEDs will light up to indicate the malfunctioning ABS component and its location on the vehicle.