A No Mess Way to Change Oil

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If you have ever changed your own oil then you are probably accustomed to getting oil all over your hands and possibly even burned by the hot oil.  The Quick Changer Engine Oil Drain Valve is a great solution to both of these problems.

A Quick Changer is an engine oil drain plug that is designed to quickly drain hot oil from your engine.  The Quick Changer replaces your stock oil drain plug and never has to be removed again.  A drain hose connects directly to the Quick Changer and allows the oil to drain through the hose and into a designated container.  This makes all your oil changes mess free.  

Another common problem when repeatedly removing and installing the drain plug is you risk stripping the threads of the drain pan.  It can be very expensive to replace an oil drain pan.  A Quick Changer will eliminate that possibility.

Why a Quick Changer?

Quick Changers save you time when changing oil.  You no longer have to remove a drain plug, place a pan directly under the drain, and hope all the oil drains into the pan.  With a Quick Changer, you can simply screw on the drain hose and let the oil drain.  You don’t have to wait for the engine to cool down, which allows for a cleaner drain of all the engine oil by preventing build up of sediment and sludge.  

If you compare the Quick Changer with other engine oil drain plugs on the market you will notice that the Fumoto brand is operated by flipping a small switch.  This can become a big problem for you if it is accidentally opened while the vehicle is in use.  In contrast, the Quick Changer is only opened when the drain hose assembly is attached. 

What is Needed?

Quick Changers include a solid brass oil drain plug and dust cap.  The Quick Changer drain plug has a leak-proof valve that opens once a drain hose assembly is connected to the drain plug.  

There are only two sizes of drain hose assemblies, small and large.  No matter how many Quick Changers are installed you may only need one large drain hose assembly and one small drain hose assembly.  

What Vehicles Will it Fit?

Quick Changers are available for most vehicles, such as heavy duty trucks, light and medium duty trucks and cars, motor homes, boats, motorcycles, buses and many other motorized vehicles.  To inquire about the Quick Changer sizes for your engine, give Unique Truck a call at (616)-531-8868 or you may find it in the following size charts.