Kiene Axle Shaft Removal Tool

Axle Shaft Removal Tool
Part Number: K-1280
Price: $245.00
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Removing drive axles is often frustrating and time consuming.  It is usually done by hammering on the axle flange with a sledge or air hammer.  This method is slow and often results in damaged studs which must be removed or replaced. In addition, flying pieces of the axle flange can cause serious injury.

  • Specially heat-treated alloy drive pin provides large, easy-to-hit target
  • Spring loaded drive pin maintains contact with axle flange
  • It’s a rugged, yet lightweight tool that installs in less than a minute
  • Eliminates damage to hub and studs
  • Eliminates flying metal fragments - the hammer doesn’t strike the axle itself
  • Includes 5/8 -18 adapter set
  • One year warranty

  • DON'T FORGET THE SET OF ADDITIONAL ADAPTERS - #31282 - 5 SIZES INCLUDING: 1/2-20, 9/16-18, 5/8-11, 3/4-16, 1/2-13.

    Military may purchase using NSN#4910-01474-9660