Tweel Handler

Tire Service Equipment: Tweel Handler
Part Number: 160200
Price: $2,095.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Tweel Handler is an amazingly versatile tool that allows truck mechanics to remove, install, rotate and transport single tire-and-wheel assemblies with ease. The vertical range of conventional wheel dollies is three or four inches, forcing you to hunker down to inspect tires, or use a floor jack to raise the tire up. The Tweel Handler's solution is a built-in racheting jack with fourteen inches of vertical travel. No more stooping!

The Tweel Handler's U-shaped chassis allows you to get close to the work area, with unhindered access to the tire in the cradle. No restraining chains are required, yet the Tweel Handler holds virtually any single truck wheel, including wide-based singles. Three heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels mounted under ball-bearing swivel casters make it highly maneuverable.

  • A true "Work Station on Wheels" for the shop technician
  • Balancing, inspection and repair is easy
  • High quality structural steel tubing
  • Foot-operated wheel lock
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