Kiene: Stationary Engine Rebuild Stand

Part Number: 900S
Price: $3,495.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

A solid stand for diesel and gas engines up to 5000 pounds

The Stationary Engine Rebuild Stand is a a floor-mounted version of the Mobile Engine Rebuild Stand, supplied with a mounting plate suitable for permanent installation. Comes equipped with a hand-cranked, quadrant gear drive. Three ratios are provided for lifting the engine to a horizontal (engine flat) orientation, where it can be rotate by hand and locked in one of four positions. Convenient working heights (31" - engine vertical, 34" - engine horizontal) and 360 degree swing radius allow optimal accessibility, making engine rebuilding and servicing easier, faster and safer.

A large assortment of engine mounting plates are available for various makes and models of engines and transmissions. They provide a simple attachment to the engine, using holes and mounting pads provided by the engine manufacturer, thus eliminating the removal of accessory equipment from the engine. Consult the factory for applications.