Express Garage - Light and Air Brake System Tester

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Trailer Light and Air Brake System Tester

The Express Garage Trailer Light and Air Brake System Tester was designed with three objectives: make it versatile, make it easy to use, and make it sturdy. It was designed to be a tool that anyone with even basice air brake knowledge can look at and instantly know how to use.

  • Radio remote controlled air brake tester
  • Adjustable air pressures for both supply and control circuits
  • Handy "Apply Speed" adjustments
  • Built in Scanner lighting tester operates lights in sequence. Check them all in a single walk around
  • Tests all lighting and air functions in minutes
  • Battery powered; needs only a shop air hook-up to use
  • Includes pull-up trailer air hoses and light cord, built-in battery charger/maintainer, and spare remote.
    General Specifications
    Scope of Equipment Trailer lighting systems using a circuit scanning sequence with trailer air brake testing using radio remote-controlled air actuation from behind the trailer.
    Model Designations 01012
    Dimensions 23.5"L x 4"H x 25"W overall, including handle and wheels. 43.38"H to top of gladhands when stored
    Cabinet 16-gauge steel, base pan 14-gauge. Weldment forms basic structure. Black wrinkle finish
    Mobility Two 8" solid rubber tired wheels w/ roller bearing hubs and grease fittings: two 4-1/2" swivel casters. Pull handle on caster end of cabinet
    Environmental Weather, dust, oil, overspray, and dirt resistant. A cover is available for especially dirty environments

    Light / Electrical Testing Equipment
    Light Testing Equipment Complete built-in Scanner trailer light tester as described below
    Operating Voltage 12 vdc (nominal)
    Wiring Protocol SAE 7 Wire
    Scanned Circuits Left Turn (1.5 sec), stop (3.0 sec), right trun (1.5 sec). Circuits are powered one ata time, and the sequence repeats indefinitely.
    Freeze Feature Mode select switch start and stop scanning action as needed. Has center "all off" position
    Switched Circuits "On-Off Toggle" switches control aux, marker, and tail light circuits
    Circuit Status Indicators On red LED for each of the six circuits
    Low Battery Indicator One red LED blinks at 11 volts, on steady at 10 volts
    Circuit Breakers Aux, mark, tail - one 20 amp auto-reset circuit breaker. Left, stop, right - one 15 amp auto-reset circuit breaker
    Short Circuit Warning One LED for 20 amp breaker, one LED for 15 amp breaker
    Current Capacity 34 amps total
    Trailer Connection SAE 7-Pole Plug w/cable protector spring
    Trailer Cable 7-conductor trailer cable stores in cabinet, pulls out as needed. Can comfortably reach gladhands up to 7'4" from shop floor. Cable drops back into cabinet when you're done
    Auxiliary Ground Lead 4 ft w/ twin 50 amp clips (for use if needed)

    Air Testing Equipment
    Max Shop Air Pressure 130 PSI internal safety valve pops at 150 PSI
    Air Filtration Supply - Internal filter is 40 micron w/5 oz. bowl and auto-drain feature. Supply and control lines- twin filters protect the air solenoids from contaminants possibly back-flushing from the trailer
    Air Regulation Supply - Variable regulator (2-125 PSI) controls supply pressure and feeds control pressure regulator. Control pressure regulator allows additional pressure reduction of control line if desired. Both regulators are adjustable on-the-fly for easy trailer air valve testing.
    Apply Speed Control Control Side onl. Infinitely adjustable flow valve controls the speed of the service brake application. Brakes release at full speed regardless of apply speed control setting.
    Anti-Compounding Accomplished electrically by interlocking air control solenoid wiring
    Air Pressure Gauges Twin 2-1/2" precision pressure gauges indicate system pressures either available for application or actually applied to the gladhands (as indicated by the air pressure lights). Two PSI gauge increments for exact leak-down results
    Air Pressure Lights Two large pressure lights each for supply and control light up when pressure is applied to their respective gladhands. One red light for supply and one blue light for control are located on the control panel, and one red light and one blue light are mounted low on the rear of the cabinet where they can be seen from under the rear of the trailer.
    Air Actuation Twin channel radio remote-control unit operating supply and control air solenoids independently
    Air Hoses / Gladhands Rubber air brake hose w/ color-coded gladhands for supply and control can comfortably reach connections 7'3" from shop floor. Air hoses pull up and out of the cabinet for use and drop right back in for neat, easy storage
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