Induction Innovations Inc

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120V Inductor Max Power Supply
Part Number: IDIMXP1
Price: $863.55
Coil Pack for Mini-Ductor
Part Number: IDIMD99-60123
Price: $54.63
Essential Coil Kit
Part Number: IDIMD99-660
Price: $113.05
Fast-Off Attachment For Inductor Max
Part Number: IDIU-211
Price: $265.05
Mini-Ductor 12V
Part Number: IDIMD-500
Price: $664.05
Mini-Ductor Coil Kit
Part Number: IDIMD99-650
Price: $141.55
Mini-Ductor II Magnetic Induction Heater Kit
Part Number: IDIMD-700
Price: $474.05
Mini-Ductor Long Coil Kit
Part Number: IDIMD99-675
Price: $174.80
Mini-Pad for the Mini-Ductor
Part Number: IDIMD99-604
Price: $75.05
PDR Baton Attachment
Part Number: IDIU-111
Price: $179.55
U-555 Flameless Heat System
Part Number: IDIU-555
Price: $455.05
U-Series Rosebud Attachment With 9' Cord & 8 Pin Connector
Part Number: IDIU-511
Price: $493.05
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