OTC 11 Ton Ram With Half Coupler 14-1/4"

25-ton Ram with half coupler
Part Number: OTC4107A
Price: $856.24
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Single-Acting, Spring-Return Rams Available in capacities of 5 to 100 tons and for maximum working pressures up to 10,000 PSI; 2 to 1 safety factor on material yield; designed and tested to meet ANSI B30.1
  • Standard stroke lengths of 5/8"" to 14-1/4"", these compact rams require a minimum of mounting space
  • Several of the rams feature threaded ram collars and internal base threads to simplify mounting
  • Also,some of the models have threaded piston rod ends
  • OTCs design ensures positive, leak-resistant sealing throughout all pressure ranges, yet full piston return characteristics are maintained
  • Additional bearing surface has been designed into these units, to effectively resist the punishing stress exerted by off-center loads
  • Depending on capacity, these rams can handle a variety of bending and straightening jobs, construction maintenance applications, pressing operations, body and frame straightening, and rear housing and axle correction