Stethescope Combo Chassis/Engine EAR 2

Part Number: JSP06608
Price: $247.79
Ships Direct From Manufacturer
Features and Benefits:
  • Hi - Low setting on dB Meter allows interpretation of sound on both levels
  • Flexible shaft reaches the tightest areas
  • Quickly pinpoints noise and location of worn bearings & bushings, noisy valves & lifters, broken or worn gear teeth, faulty fuel injectors, wind or air leaks, annoying squeaks and rattles
  • Listen to six different under chassis locations in one road test
  • Six color coded, super sensitive microphone clamps attach to problem area

Listen to 6 locations in one road test! Hear noises that cannot be duplicated without road testing vehicle. Essential for saving needless warranty expense. Save time and labor expense finding those hard to find noises in. This electronic diagnostic system will conquer the most frustrating and costly problems, finding problem sounds while driving the vehicle. Comes with ABS carrying/storage case. An essential tool for all auto mechanics/body shops and new car dealer. Ultra sensitive microphone and amplifier give full range of sounds needed by the professional. Quickly pinpoints noise and location of bad bearings, bushings, dirty fuel injectors, wind and air leaks, noisy valves and lifters. Non-conductive coating will not bother expensive computer circuitry. Limited distortion of unwanted sounds.7-sound level control settings, 60db to 120 db, adds clarity to all types of noises. Db meter, monitor. Flexible shaft reaches tight areas. High-low volume control. Battery check position on control switch.