3 Piece Extra Long Air Hammer Drift Set

3 Piece Extra Long Air Hammer Drift Set
Part Number: SCH11600
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Features and Benefits:

  • Extra LongPneumatic Drifts R&R long bolts, bushings, etc requiring a longer shaft to drive the component through
  • R&R shock and suspension bolts & bushings are good examples
  • Three drifts are included in the kit: 5/16"-8mm, 3/8"-10mm, 1/2" 12mm
  • Drifts are 5" Long
  • Kit Includes a 3 piece kit bag

Normal length air hammer drifts aren't long enough to completly drive many standard shock and spension bolts through a bushing or component.  Our Extra Long (5") pneumatic drifts complete the job.  Thre different sized drifts are supplied to work on forign and domestic cars and trucks.  Drifts are universal in design to be used with any standard air hammer.  3 piece storage bag is provided for tool control and ease of use when used in the shop or field.