Bosch SMT300 Smoke Tester

Part Number: BOSSMT500
Price: $1,713.29
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-functional device for testing of oil leaks, exhaust leaks, wind leaks, EGR leaks, and many more
  • OEM approved technology, meets SAE standard for safe EVAP testing (2007-01-1235 and 2008-01-0554)
  • Test-only feature gives you the ability to test without smoke and the adjustable smoke flow control enhances both smoke and UV dye deposit
  • Identify leaks easily, safe for electrical components using patented UltraTrace UV® smoke solution
  • The only Smoke Machine Tester that includes a storage case for all the accessories that are included

Newest generation leak detector helps find all leaks with vacuum/pressure decay.