JET JLH-50-5, 1/2 Ton Lever Hoist with 5' Lift

JET JLH-50-5, 1/2 Ton Lever Hoist with 5' Lift
Part Number: JET181505
Price: $205.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • Geared Drive Train- JET's exclusive five gear drive train requires less force to lift or secure a load
  • Weston Style Dual Pawl Brake System – Dual Pawl design increases safety by splitting the opposite sides of the ratchet gear for greater load security
  • Alloy Steel Hooks – Industrial rated hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging, hooks slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation increasing jobsite safety
  • Included is a nylon carrying case for convenient transportation, reducing trips to the tool room and prevents any unnecessary damage to hoist
  • Corrosive resistant grade 100 load chain is stronger than grade 80 load chain extending the life of the hoist

The JET JLH Compact Lever Hoist integrates safety, durability and innovation enabling it to operate in the most demanding industrial environments. The lightweight design is achieved with a durable aluminum alloy housing that deduces weight for ease of transport. Mechanical advantage is gained by the JET exclusive addition of the five gear drive train requiring less force to lift or secure a load. Whether it’s inverted, vertical, horizontal, or any other load angle, the JET JLH Compact Lever Hoist is the solution for your heavy-duty industrial needs.