IPA Super MUTT Mobile Universal Trailer Tester - Standard Edition 9008-SE

Part Number: 9008SE
Price: $1,855.35
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Quickly troubleshoot lighting, air brake and ABS systems with the industry's leading trailer tester. This intuitive and durable design is ideal for both on and off-site commercial trailer testing and repairs.

Electrical Testing (12/24 Volt Operation

  • Power lights: Manually, All-On, Auto Scan, or by Remote Control
  • Audible and visual alerts: cross, open, overloaded, and short circuit indication
  • Pulsar mode allows diagnostic repair
  • Advanced trailer wiring diagnostics
  • Amperage Readout and range (0-20 amps)
  • Cable testing
  • Ground failure detection: differentiates between wire and chassis ground

ABS Testing

  • Access ABS blink codes
  • Test ABS fault blink codes via Auxiliary and Brake Circuit activation (i.e. Meritor/Wabco, Bendix TABS-6 and Haldex systems)

Air Brake Testing

  • Performs leak down test on service and emergency lines
  • Remote control allows observation of slackers to measure and adjust pushrods
  • Real time, repetitive brake activation to find developing problems and verify leaking servo cans
  • Features an internal air regulator

Remote Control

  • 12-button remote control tests all trailer electric circuitry and air brake actuation, 200+ ft. range
  • Sync multiple remotes to one unit


  • 12-Button Remote Control
  • 5' 7-Way Cable
  • 8' Glad Hand Hoses