Goldak 720 Valve Locator

Part Number: 720
Price: $394.25
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Goldak 720 is a rugged, portable, electronic instrument designed for the specific purpose of pinpointing the exact location of buried valves, water meters, curb boxes, manhole covers and other metallic fittings associated with water, gas, electrical, sewer, and telephone distribution systems.

  • Designed and engineered to provide pinpoint location of valves, caps, risers, meters, etc.
  • Eliminates operating confusion as instrument is not affected by buried pipes and cables
  • Easy-to-operate with a single knob to control sensitivity and "on-off" functions
  • Operating weight less than 4 pounds
  • Detection head swivel to permit locating operation in any instrument position
  • Telescoping handle (with internal coiled-cord) to insure comfortable instrument operation
  • Sensitive meter and miniature speaker to provide positive dual indications
  • Push-button switch for instant battery test (uses long-life, miniature, 9-volt battery)
  • Optional heavy-duty carrying case (NO. BP-7) and headphones (No. SHP-50) available

Locating Applications

  • Bronze water meter in concrete box
  • Cast-iron valve cap on non-metallic riser
  • Concrete septic tank cover with steel reinforcing
  • Brass/Bronze (non-ferrous) irrigation valve
  • Cast-iron manhole cover
  • Gate valve with metallic riser (no cap)
  • Detectable warning tape
  • Buried sprinkler head

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