AC Adapters and Couplers

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Spotgun Adapter for R134a
Part Number: UVU471535
Price: $88.60
1/4in MFL x 3/16in FF 90 Degree Solid Brass Adapter
Part Number: ROB10469A
Price: $21.36
1/4in MFL x 3/16in FF Solid Brass Straight Adapter
Part Number: ROB10468A
Price: $19.87
1/4in. F x 1/4in. F A/C Hose Fittings 72in. 3-pk.
Part Number: CPSHS6L
Price: $105.25
1/4in. Gaskets ( Pack of 6)
Part Number: ROB40083
Price: $18.97
3 Piece Manual Shut-off Valve Adapter Set
Part Number: MSC90262
Price: $57.71
41 Piece R134a Manifold Coupler and Fitting Assortment
Part Number: FJC6075
Price: $115.01
5 Piece A/C Fits-All Adapter Kit
Part Number: ROB10237A
Price: $50.38
6 Piece R1234YF Conversion Kit with Manual Coupler
Part Number: FJC6820
Price: $67.23
A/C 90 Degree 1/4in MFL x 1/4in FFL Adapter
Part Number: ROB40563A
Price: $20.37
A/C Manual Coupler Set, 2 Piece, with 12mm Fittings, for HFO1234yf
Part Number: CPSQC1234SET
Price: $63.27
Adapter Tank 134A 1/2 ACME X Quik Connect
Part Number: ROB16301
Price: $16.91
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