Brake Bleeder Tank 4 Qt. 10-1/2ft. Hose

Brake Bleeder Tank 4 Qt. 10-1/2ft. Hose
Part Number: KDT2901
Price: $160.90
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Features and Benefits:
  •  4-qt. capacity
  • Quick Disconnect Coupler and a 10-1/2" hose included
  • Adapters are available for many cars
  • Replacement part: 2222-76
  • Replacement part: 2222-73 Pressure Gauge
Safe, portable tank fills and pressurizes standard and power brake systems. It operates from hand pump pressure, eliminating the need for an air compressor. Only a few pumps are needed to build pressure to 10 to 15 PSI; excessive pressure cannot build up. Tank is serviceable and features quick disconnect coupler and shut-off valve. Which is used as a source for brake fluid when topping off master cylinders with brake bleeder adapter attached.