Activated Carbon Filter for Compressed Air

Activated Carbon Filter for Compressed Air
Part Number: JLMM-C100
Price: $123.13
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Features and Benefits
  • The Ultimate Final Filter for all premium and waterborne refinishing systems
  • After filtration, the oil vapor content in the air is less than .01 ppm
  • Motor Guards Carbon-Max Cartridge contains over 5 times the Activated Carbon of other brands
  • Carbon-Max Cartridge also contains a 1 micron Final Filter layer to contain carbon and trap desiccant dust and other upstream contaminants
  • The Motor Guard Activated Carbon Filter is easily added to existing spray booth filtration systems
The Ultimate final filter for automotive finishing. Contains activated carbon to remove oil vapor and other contaminants from compressed air. Traps oil and other molecules in microscopic pores through the absorption process. Delivers air to the spray gun that  is virtually free from oil vapor. Removes silicone vapor, desiccant dust and volatile organic compounds for a better finish and a cleaner, healthier work environment.