Convertible Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers

Convertible Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers
Part Number: KDT3152
Price: $63.79
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Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic anti-slip sealed air pocket grips for comfort
  • Use on large internal and external snap rings including automatic transmissions
  • Pliers fit internal rings 1-13/16" through 4" (46 through 101.6mm) and external rings 1-1/2" through 4" (38.1 through 101.6mm)
  • Replacement parts available
Easily convert for either external or internal use on snap rings. Unique push-button feature allows for effortless change.  Tool comes with heavy-duty cushion-grip handles to provide comfort and broached jaws for tip control and stability.  Pliers feature ratchet lock to hold the snap ring in desired position and includes 6 pairs of color-coded alloy steel tips in sizes 0.090, 0.108 and 0.120 bent to 15 degree and 90 degree.  Hex stock size of tips .156".  Replacement part: 3152-77 Point Kit (includes 2 each of 6 different sizes: 0.090 15 degree, 0.090 90 degree, 0.108 15 degree, 0.108 90 degree, 0.120 15 degree and 0.120 90 degree).