Series 850 Oil Change System

Part Number: OE-S850
Price: $7,250.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

ESOC Commercial Tank, Inc has a variety of Oil Evacuators and Changers. They are offered in versions designed to be mobile, pneumatic, self-contained, and are for on-highway and off-highway oil changes. Whether you're in need of an Oil Changer strictly for the shop, vehicle, or complete mobility purposes ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. has an Oil Evacuator and Changer for you.

ESOC evacuates the oil pan via a quick connect, low profile fitting, during which time an oil sample may be taken. ESOC stops automatically when the oil pan is empty.


  • Utilizes On-Board waste tank for temporary storage of waste oil
  • Can be rolled from bay to bay - a truly mobile system
  • Fully pneumatic system
  • Can be vehicle mounted
  • Our smallest foot print oil change system
  • Uses integrated pistol grip type oil dispenser
  • Uses ESOC patented "Spill Free" quick connect drain fittings, which ensure a clean "No Mess" operation
  • Automatic Oil Sampler provides uncontaminated sample
  • Usability on-site in a facility or off-site in a service vehicle
  • Requires only connections to air, fresh oil under pressure, and waste oil tank

  • Benefits

  • Pneumatic system - no additional power needed
  • Evacuates 40 quarts of oil with in 10 minutes
  • Saves and average 15 minutes compared to using conventional gravity drain method
  • Automatic shut off when oil pan is empty
  • Frees up technician to perform other tasks
  • Form Heading