Minimizer 1500 Poly Fender Kit Tandem Axles - Red w/Light Box

Part Number: MIN1500LR
Price: $937.35
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The MIN 1500 Poly Fender is manufactured using a high density polyethylene material and thermoformed using proprietary technology. Designed with a unique lip, our fenders provide superior control of spray and debris so your loads and equipment are safer and cleaner. When dented or crushed they bounce back into shape. The material is extremely durable, impervious to salt and corrosion, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -100º F to 197º F.

We now go head-to-head with shiny metal fenders (that bend and break) with the introduction of the new Minimizer Mirror Finishes. You get the remarkable shine and reflection of a metal fender combined with the durability and advantages of our standard Minimizer Poly Fenders. And now we’ve launched the new Minimizer Carbon Fiber Poly! This new look adds a unique style to any truck and trailer.

Minimizer fenders are the lightest truck fenders on the market. A lighter fender means better gas mileage, performance and efficiency. You want to be carrying loads not heavy fenders.


  • The MIN 1500 poly fender is designed to fit a tandem axle tractor or trailer with a 52" axle spread.
  • The set consists of 4 pieces (4 – PM1500 fender sections).
  • The total weight of the MIN1500 fender kit is less than 45 pounds.
  • Optional Lightbox can be molded onto the rear section as 1 piece with backing plate to protect wiring.
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