Gaither BB6L Bead Bazooka 6-Liter for Passenger and Light Truck

Part Number: BB6L
Price: $280.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The legendary Bead Bazooka is back and here to stay. The most powerful tire bead seating tool in the world, with its incredibly convenient trigger release, makes seating the bead on even the most stubborn tire effortless.

Lighter, faster, and more powerful than any other bead seater on the market, the Bead Bazooka is a must for anyone serious about tire service.

Bead Bazooka Sizes

BB6L (6-Liter)

  • ATV
  • Passenger
  • Light Truck

BB9L (9-Liter)

  • Passenger
  • Commercial Vehicle

BB12L (12-Liter)

  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Light Agricultural