R134A Air Conditioning Service System

R134A Air Conditioning Service System
Part Number: MSSACX1180C
Price: $6,523.41
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • R134A fully recover and recharge in any climatic condition
  • Vacuum Leak Test. Monitors level after evacuation, informs of possible leak
  • Automatic Air Purge. Eliminates contaminated air without monitoring gauges or opening valves
  • Shock-Mounted Load Cells. Ensures stable calibration and charge accuracy
  • Automatic Oil Drain. Display reminds you to empty the graduated container and shows the amount of oil to replace
  • Ergonomic. Designed with unobstructed accessibility for easy maintenance
  • Hybrid Function. Capable of servicing high voltage electric compressor A/C systems
  • 20' Cable Temp Probes. Monitor performance of the A/C unit through A/C vents
  • 50 Lb Internal Tank. Large enough for HD service.
  • Factory-Installed Heater Belt. Heats cylinder to raise refrigerant pressure enabling you to charge during any climatic condition

    Optional Features:
  • On-Board Integrated Thermal Printer. Print to USB (for standard paper) allows user to store "before and after" service information by vehicle and print information for the customer
  • ECO Lock Quick Couplers. Engineered to prevent gas dispersion into the environment
  • Database. Reliable and high-quality vehicle database included for latest A/C service information
  • Integrated Identifier. Refrigerant identifier to avoid costly cross contamination. Sample filter clearly visible for inspection
  • Automatic Dye Injection. Detects leaks without additional UV dye handling
  • Integrated Hose Flushing. Eliminates need for addtional or loose adapters

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