204 Piece Drill Bit Set

204 Piece Drill Bit Set
Part Number: WLMW1368
Price: $77.33
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Features and Benefits:

  • Use with power drill, drill press or bit drivers
  • Great for projects around the home, shop and job site
  • The tools you need for nearly every type of drilling/driving
  • Specially designed four panel case folds three ways to offer twice the storage

Set Includes:

  • 51 Pc. fully ground Titanium - Coated HSS drill bits
  • 42 Pc. roll forged black - finished HSS drill bits
  • 3 Pc. black - finished HSS pilot drill bits & hex shank
  • 10 Pc. nut driver set, 20 Pc. 50mm screwdriver bits Cr. V slotted, Phillips, Posidrive & star, 3 Pc. screw finders; Cr. V, 1 Pc. drill gauge, 8 Pc. wood-boring drill bits, 6 Pc. flat wood bits
  • 4 Pc. long (300MM) flat wood bits, 4 Pc. hole saws, 1 Pc. hole saw adapter, 1 Pc. counter sink
  • 11 Pc. masonry drill bits, 3 Pc. long (300MM) masonry drill bits
  • 27 Pc. 25MM screwdriver bits Cr. V slotted, Phillips, Posidrive, star, hex & Robertson, 3 Pc. drill stopper, 1 Pc. center punch
  • 3 Pc. cupped nail sets, 1 Pc. bit holder, 1 Pc. Allen key