40" Weld Creeper

40"  Weld Creeper
Part Number: WHIMTLV6WC
Price: $180.24
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Features and Benefits:

  • 40" metal frame creeper with flame-resistant, plywood, and fabric
  • Flame resistant material comes in orange
  • "V" drop in shoulder area for comfort
  • Six 2-1/2" oil resistant rollers
  • Powder coated to resist rusting

Whiteside's patented weld creeper features a 40" metal frame with flame resistant plywood, foam, and orange fabric. The frame is powder coated to resist rusting and features our patented "V" drop in the shoulder area for added comfort. Six 2-1/2" oil resistant rollers swivel easily with full ball bearings and offer a 1-1/4" ground clearance.