GM Stuck Spare Tire Release Kit

GM Stuck Spare Tire Release Kit
Part Number: THX805
Price: $71.41
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Features and Benefits

  • This kit is designed to release the secondary locking mechanism on GM spare tires
  • This faulty latch is currently on over 13 million vehicles on US roads
  • No need to place a jack under the tire to disengage latch as the owner’s manual instructs
  • Corroded or frozen cable/latch causes spare tire not to drop
  • Makes changing spare tire easy

The THX805 GM Stuck Spare Tire Release Kit is a must have for any GM dealership or tow truck.  After years of being unused most secondary latches become corroded and do not release when lowering the spare tire.  The 805-2 Bullet tool releases the secondary latch by compressing a button on the mechanism.  The 805-1 Striker tool is designed to free even the most stubborn latch.  Both tools are included in the kit.

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