Axle Popper Wedge and Shim Kit

Axle Popper Wedge and Shim Kit
Part Number: STC71410
Price: $54.26
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Features and Benefits:

  • Break loose half shafts from transaxle on front wheel drive vehicles
  • Axle Popper’s wedge forked end (71411) applies even pressure to both sides of the shaft for sure release of the shaft
  • It is versatile as the tapered ends of the fork allow the technician to strike the Axle Popper Wedge or use it as a pry bar to release the half shaft
  • The Shim (71412) is included to fill the gap between the half shaft and the transaxle on some vehicles
  • Valuable tool for transmission shops, garages, tire shops and body shops

Half Shafts are sometimes difficult to break loose with a pry bar. Saves time as the Axle Popper Kit is quick and sure every time.