Bosch® Direct Injection Injector Puller

Bosch Direct Injection Injector Puller
Part Number: SCH14000
Price: $102.35
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Features and Benefits:

  • Remove limited access Bosch® direct injection injectors on American, Asian and European vehicles
  • Unique 2-piece jaw design with slide lock grips injector body, reducing injector damage
  • Puller jaw design accesses injectors where standard 2-jaw pullers can't because of engine component interference
  • Puller design pulls the injector straight, reducing injector and head damage during removal
  • Puller kit includes 1 lb. slide hammer weight to assist in removing injectors held in by carbon buildup on the tip

Originally designed to service Bosch® Direct Injection Injectors found on 2009 to current GM SIDI engines.  Injector access is limited by engine component interference around the injector body, limiting standard 2-jaw puller access.  The unique 2-piece design of the 14000 puller jaws grips the injector body, without damaging the injector, in applications with little to no side clearance.  The jaw slide lock holds the jaws firmly against the injector, while the one pound slide hammer weight assists in removing carbon stuck injectors.  Puller also works on other American, Asian and European vehicles using the popular Bosch® direct injection injectors.