Mercedes 272 / 273 Cam Lock Tool

Mercedes 272 / 273 Cam Lock Tool
Part Number: SCH12800
Price: $69.75
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Features and Benefits

  • Lock the left intake cam in place while servicing the cam chain drive system
  • Cam Lock holds the cam in proper timing position reducing service time
  • Eliminates the need for a second technician to hold the cam during service
  • Reduces potential for assembling the cam chain out of time resulting in engine damage
  • 2005 - 2012 Mercedes 272 & 273 engines (see application chart)

Servicing the Cam Chain Drive System on 2005 - 2012 Mercedes 272 & 273 engines could result in engine damage if the left intake cam is not properly held in place.  Because of the unusual timing degrees used in these engines, the cam could move out of time when the chain is removed if not secured.  The original timing chain has no timing marks.  Cam movement during re-assembly could cause engine damage.  The cam lock bolts to the head holding the cam in position during service operations.

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