Lighted 3 Fold EVA Mechanics Pad

Lighted 3 Fold EVA Mechanics Pad
Part Number: OME85001
Price: $92.49
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Features and Benefits:

  • EVA memory foam material helps to insulate from rocks and debris when under vehicles
  • 21 LED lighted halo to help illuminate under vehicles
  • Stores easily in service vehicles or tools boxes when not in use
  • Weather, oil, and chemical resistant, cleans off easily
  • Durable EVA foam will easily out last most vinyl mechanics pads

The 85001 Omega Pro lighted mechanics pad is a must have for roadside assistance, agriculture, and other feilds where you may be laying or kneeling in the dirt of gravel while working on a vehicle.  It is light weight, folds for easy storage and lighted for use under vehicles in any conditions.  The durable EVA foam material will hold up for years of use.  It is resistant to oil and chemicals, cleans easily for storage, and won't rip or tear easily like vinyl mechanics pads can.  The memory foam material will stand up to years of use in dirt, mud or gravel and protect you from discomfort.