Multimeter Accessory Kit

Multimeter Accessory Kit
Part Number: LIS82650
Price: $118.87
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Features and Benefits

  • Extend Multimeter Capabilities
  • Interchangeable probes for a wide range of testing possibilities
  • Compatible with most multimeters and scopes with standard 4mm connectors
  • Kit includes 43" long 4mm banana test leads with straight and 90° connections, test probes, long back probes, safety test probes, crocodile clips, female-to-female adaptors, male-to-female adaptors, small alligator clip with male banana and slotted ring adapters
  • Includes roll-up storage pouch to keep leads and adapters organized
  • Weight 12 oz.
  • Width 6.5"
  • Height 13.5"
  • Depth 2"


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