Mini-Ductor 12V

Mini-Ductor 12V
Part Number: IDIMD-500
Price: $664.05
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Features and Benefits

  • Heats ferrous and some non-ferrous metals without the danger of an open flame using Invisible Heat.  Releases thread lock compounded nuts, frozen manifold bolts, bearings, and more
  • Prevent damage to nearby plastics, rubber, wiring and fuel lines eliminating unnecessary repair and install (R+I)
  • Completely hand-held, ergonomic, grenade style grip and a bright LED to illuminate work area
  • Works with all the Mini-Ductor coils and attachments
  • Operates with any 12-volt battery pack or off a car battery
  • Includes: 1 ea. Mini-Ductor® 12V with battery hook-up clamps (14¾”L x 2¾”D)(4.8lbs) inside custom fit storage case (17”W x 10”D x 5”H),  (1 each) MD99-601, MD99-602, MD99-610 and insturction manual
  • 1 year limited warranty