I-Series Glass Blaster Attachment

I-Series Glass Blaster Attachment
Part Number: IDII-300
Price: $217.55
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits

  • Operates from the outside of vehicle with no damage to the encapsulation or glass
  • Uses include the removal of: glass, applique's, bonded SMC panels, metal bond adhesives and spray-on bed liners
  • Contoured beveled edges places magnetic field closer to the work load for the removal of Glass, Spray-on Bed liners and for accessing tighter corners
  • High mount strain relief prevents cord from interfering with adjacent panels
  • Ergonomic gripping for control

The I-Series Glass Blaster Attachment removes bonded glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives and spray-on bed-liners. Windshields can be removed in less than 15 minutes, while spray-on bed-liners in as little as 1/2 day. I-Series Glass Blaster attachment (2.8 lb.), 8 pin connector with 102” cord for use on max, head (fiberglass wrapped and plasti-dipped) (4.7” x1.8” x2.9”), and 1 year warranty.