Essential Coil Kit

Essential Coil Kit
Part Number: IDIMD99-660
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Features and Benefits

  • Includes 8 of the most used smaller diameter coils of varying lengths for removing stuck fasteners. Faster and safer than a torch
  • The coils each last for several hundred uses or more subject to use. Use of the proper size coil, avoiding abrasion and overheating prevents premature wear to the coil
  • The coil insulation is coated to resist abrasion; however, if insulation is breached a new coil will need to be used
  • The coils are all flexible and can be bent or separated for a variety of applications
  • Around corners or buried deep near plastic or rubber. Simply bend to your desired configuration
  • Includes: (2) MD99-601 (7/8” Inside Diameter), (2) MD99-611 (3/4” I.D.), (1) MD99-605 (7/8” I.D. X 9”L), (1) MD99-610 (1” I.D.), (1) MD99-621 (7/8” I.D. Long Coil), (1) MD99-622 (1” I.D. Long Coil) in a storage tube

The Essential Coil Kit is an accessory for the Mini-Ductor product line. The kit enables the user to heat and release seized nuts & bolts and other metallic hardware from corrosion and / or thread lock compounds.  Mini-Ductor® Coils are manufactured in an assortment of lengths and sizes to fit a variety of applications. The Essential Coil Kit is a collection of our most-used smaller diameter coils.