Cobra Hose Clamp Pliers for Clic Clamps

Cobra Hose Clamp Pliers for Clic Clamps
Part Number: KNP8551250CSBA
Price: $90.02
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Features and Benefits:

  • For assembly and disassembly of click clamps
  • Pre-setting of the insert for different types of clamps
  • Rotatable jaws
  • Profiled jaws to release corroded hoses
  • Push button adjustment

Knipex Clic Clamp Pliers can be used on all styles of Clic, Clic-R and NormaClamp hose clamps found on many import vehicles.  Rotatable inserts allow the user to manipulate clamps from various approach angles.  The profiled jaws help relase corroded hoses on nozzles.