Tech400PRO the All-in-One TPMS Service Tool

Tech400PRO the All-in-One TPMS Service Tool
Part Number: BATWRT400PRO
Price: $1,761.44
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits

  • The Tech400PRO covers more than 93% of the vehicles that require OBD communication
  • The Tech400PRO is a wireless TPMS Tool with wireless charging, wireless data transfer, and wireless tool updating
  • Works with all known OE TPMS sensors
  • Comprehensive vehicle audit report
  • Inductive charging pad to help keep your tool charged all the time

The Tech400PRO is the only TPMS scan tool with Wi-Fi, bluetooth, inductive charging and passive/keyless system testing. This tool is fast, easy to use, and was designed so anyone in your repair facility can use it.  Standard 2 year factory warranty included. Tech400PRO kit includes; Tech400PRO, inductive charging pad, OBDII cable, bluetooth dongle, USB cable, activation magnet, user guide, quick start guide, and custom carry case.