Charging Cradle & Bluetooth Printer for ProSeries

Charging Cradle & Bluetooth Printer for ProSeries
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Features and Benefits

  • Inductive charging keeps your tool charged all day in the cradle
  • Wirelessly send TPMS data from your tool to the bluetooth printer
  • Wirelessly print TPMS audit data anywhere in your shop
  • Custom design cradles made to withstand a repair shop
  • Easily store and protect your tool

The wall mounted charging cradle and bluetooth printer are accessories perfect for the Pro Series tools. The bluetooth printer and wall mounted cradle is the first TPMS accessory to feature inductive charging. Keep your TPMS tool charged all day, print audit reports wirelessly to the bluetooth printer [ when in range]. The printout can be attached to service records, the work order, or given to the customer.

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