Battery Automatic Charger

Part Number: AUTXCPRO-80
Price: $1,480.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Auto Meter’s XCPRO-80 Fast Smart Charger has features and produces results superior to any other battery charger available.Auto Meter’s XCPRO-80 Fast Smart Charger has features and produces results superior to any other battery charger available.

What the XCPRO-80 charges:

  • 6, 8 and 12 volt
  • Starting standard and AGM batteries / deep cycle standard and AGM batteries / gel cell batteries.
  • 100 to 1600 CCA rated battery
  • Deeply discharged batteries down to 2 volts

  • How the XCPRO-80 charges:

  • Capable of providing a continuous charge current of 80 amps. most competitor’s “80 amp” chargers toggle back and forth between 80 amps and 20 amps to prevent their charger from overheating.
  • The XCPRO-80 has four 20 amp charge channels fully controlled using a microprocessor. The four channels are automatically put into a constant current / increasing voltage mode for the bulk charge and a constant voltage / decreasing current for the absorption charge.
  • The XCPRO-80 charger continuously monitors the battery temperaturer during the charge cycle to optimize the charge output to the actual battery temperature. If the XCPRO-80 sees that the battery temperature is climbing at rate great enough that the battery is going to get too hot by the time the charge will be completed, the XCPRO-80 will throttle back the charge output to charge the battery at rate that will not cause the battery to overheat while also performing the quickest charge possible. (Employs temperature feedback control of charge output). In the event that the battery does become too hot, the XPRO-80 will automatically terminate the charge cycle and notify the user.

  • Other XCPRO-80 Features:

  • Has distinct “fast charge” and “full charge” modes. Fast charging will bring most discharged batteries to a functional level of charge within 30 minutes. In the full charge mode, most batteries can be fully charged within 80 minutes.
  • Displays maximum charge time left in both full and fast charge. Charge time left is reliably accurate because the charger calculates the following battery variables; rated CCA capacity and temperature, the current state of charge and the degree to which the battery will accept a charge.
  • Patented heavy duty gator clamps with built in GM side terminals are at the end 8ft long 6 gauge leads.
  • The charger has low idle current (0.5 amps) compared to competitors (3.0 amps) and a software controller cooling fan to reduce energy consumption.
  • LCD screen directions menu provides intuitive easy to follow instructions enabling users of any experience level to easily operate the charger.
  • A short time after the battery has started to be charged, the XCPRO-80 accesses several battery condition variables to accurately determine the remaining time of charge, in both the fast and full charge modes.
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