CPL Battery Tester 6V/250A-12V/50

Part Number: SB-5/2
Price: $749.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Heavy-Duty repair shops and battery warehouses rely on unparalleled qualityand durability of the SB-5/2. An industry standard for over 50 years in the battery industry, this time-proven unit is built to handle even the toughest battery testing environment.

An 800 Amp variable load dual carbon pile and a battery temperature compensation scale offer maximum accuracy during battery testing. Automatic safety un-loader knob. Fan cooling offers built-in protection against overheating. Includes 15 second timer and fan override switch for cool down after testing.


  • Performs the industry accepted BCI (Battery Council International) 15 second battery load test.
  • Tests all lead acid 6 and 12 volt batteries. Including AGM and Gel Cell.
  • Utilizes large 2 gage leads with fine stranding and wide temperature range insulation. Cables remain flexible in all-weather conditions.
  • Utilizes a battery capacity scale in CCA. Removes the guess work on calculating the proper test current. Simply dial the load in to match your batteries capacity in CCA.
  • Performs starter draw test and starter cable voltage drop test.
  • Performs alternator output test and voltage regulation test.
  • Optional equipment cart is available (Model No. ES-2).
  • Comes with an ergonomic carrying handle.
  • Comes with a durable black wrinkle finish that prevents the case from rusting.
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