Heavy Duty Automated Electric System

Part Number: AUTFAST-530HD
Price: $6,279.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The BCT-200J utilizes Auto Meter's advanced preventative maintenance testing mode to quickly check the battery and starting/charging system for any failures, saving time and money. Designed and optimized for deep cycle and starting batteries, flooded and AGM. DIN Connector serial port communication.

Designed for the heavy-duty industry where accuracy is extremely important. Advanced DPL Technology is used for battery testing, including a battery bank test, to shorten the battery test procedure. Firmware includes Auto Meter's innovative automated-voltage drop test and J1708 information retrieval. This tester stores the last 120 tests which can be retrieved on its LCD display, printed to the optional infrared printer, or downloaded to a personal computer with the AC-10 PC adapter cable.

XTC-160 - AGM Optimized Automatic Battery Testing Center and Fast Charger

The next generation of all-in-one battery charging and testing centers is here. The fully automatic smart charger/tester is AGM optimized to safely and accurately charge and diagnose nearly all types of batteries. Using our patented microprocessor technology, the XTC-160 can properly charge most batteries in under 30 minutes. There's even a status bar, so you know exactly how long the process will take.

Using out patented Digital Pulse Load™ technology to deliver a BCI compliant true load test, you can be assured of the most accurate battery test on the market. Our exclusive Smart Clamp™ technology allows for easy connections to both top and side terminal batteryies without use of adapters.

An integrated infraredtemperature sensor allows for exacting precision in diagnosis. A convenient USB output allows test data to be displayed in an Excel™ spreadsheet for nearly unlimited storage capacity and data analysys as well as easy software updates. Featuring a menu system revised to eliminate extra steps, nearly anyone can properly operate the unite right out of the box. Enhanced customer communications and "next step" messages aid in diagnosis and enhance credibility. The XTC-160 is also compatible with the optional AC-14 printer for a truely all-in-one solution.

  • Combination battery tester and fast charger
  • Patented Smart-Clamp™ top post/side post clamps - No side post adapters needed
  • New data export feature to USB flash drive - For unlimited test results storage
  • Self diagnostics for improved reliability
  • Easy-Link communication to PC via USB
  • Infrared temperature sensor for absolute accuracy
  • Time calculator - Estimates test time remaining
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • New circuitry, software, and controls for inhanced AGM, deep dycle, testing and accuracy
  • Charges most batteries within 30 minutes while monitoring battery state of health to ensure the battery is accepting a charge

  • FAST-530 Includes:

  • XTC-160 - Fast Charge/Tester
  • BCT-200J -Heavy Duty Battery / Electric System Analyzer
  • ES-11 - Equipment Stand
  • PR-16 - High Speed Printer
  • IR-1 - Infrared Printer Interface for BVA-230 Printing
  • Form Heading