Analyzer/Tester Handheld W/BO

Part Number: BVA-300PR
Price: $849.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Handheld battery and electrical system tester with an on-board 40 amp load for most battery and electrical systems. Preforms compete electrical system test in less than two minutes.


  • Customer communication with optional PR-12 infared printer or PC cable
  • Stores the last 50 tests in memory
  • 64 character 4 line LCD screen
  • 30" - 16 gauge leads
  • Tests flooded and AGM batteries
  • Tests discharged batteries
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Tough plastic case with rubber easy-grip boot.

  • Included thermal paper printer attaches directly over the PHH tester and is held in place by a rubber protective boot. Easy drop in paper replacement. Runs on a 7.4 V Li-Ion camcorder rechargeable battery. Typical battery life: 6000 print lines. 2 hour recharge time. Includes battery charger. Battery charges while installed in unit. Uses standard 58mm thermal paper.


  • Applications: 6V & 12V Automotive & Commercial Starting Batteries, 12V Starting and Charging Systems
  • 6V Tests: Battery Check and Load Test
  • 12V Tests: Battery Check and Load Test, Alternator/Stator Diodes and Regulation Test, Starter Draw Test, Automated Voltage Drop
  • Operational Temperature: 0-120ºF
  • Operational Humidity: 0-85%
  • Dimensions: 4.5"x7.1"x1.4"
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Battery Voltage: 6 & 12 Volt
  • Battery Types & Voltage: Flooded & AGM
  • Battery Range: 100-1600 CCA
  • Automated Load: 40 amp
  • Alternator Test: Yes
  • Stator Diode Test: Yes
  • Starter Draw Test: Yes
  • Memory: 50 Tests
  • Language: English
  • Internal Battery: 9 volt DC
  • External Volt Leads: Yes
  • Form Heading