BVA2100 & ES8 Stand Kit

Part Number: BVA2100K
Price: $3,299.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

This is the ultimate battery and electrical system tester, incorporating Auto Meter's Advanced DPL Technology. The BVA-2100 can be used for both automotive and heavy-duty applications. Featuring our patented automated voltage drop technology; the BVA-2100 accurately pinpoints electrical system problems (battery, starter, alternator, wiring, and connections). Product firmware includes J1708 compatibility with optional J1708 cables.


  • Ultimate battery and system tester
  • Best of Both Worlds…Accuracy via Patented Resistance & Load Test
  • Fully Automated Load
  • Two separate and specific menus for automotive and heavy-duty truck applications
  • Powerful microprocessor for fast and accurate results
  • Tests batteries, starters, alternators and cables
  • Advanced DPL technology for true load results
  • Patented automated voltage drop tests
  • Optional J1708 communication cables for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Stores the previous 150 test results
  • Optional internal printer and PC cable
  • Includes internal battery charger, inductive amp clamp and external volt leads
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Includes ES-8 Cart

  • Specs:

  • Applications: 6 & 12V Automotive, Marine, & Commercial Starting Batteries. 12 & 24V Starting & Charging Systems.
  • 6V Tests: Battery Check and Load Test
  • 12V Tests: Battery Check and Load Test, Alternator/Stator Diodes and Regulation Test, Starter Draw Test
  • 24V Tests: Alternator/Stator Diodes and Regulation, Starter Draw Test
  • Operational Temperature: 0-120ºF
  • Operational Humidity: 0-85%
  • Dimensions: 13"x12"x9.5"
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Battery Voltage: 6 & 12 Volt
  • Battery Types & Voltage: Flooded & AGM
  • Battery Range: 100-1600 CCA
  • Automated Load: 400 Amp
  • Alternator Test: Yes - Amperage Output and Regulated Voltage
  • Stator Diode Test: Yes
  • Starter Draw Test: Yes
  • Load Leads: 10ft - 6 Gauge
  • Memory: 150 Tests
  • Language: English & Spanish
  • Internal Battery: 6 Volt - 7.6 AH
  • External Volt Leads: Yes - 20ft
  • Cooling: Fan Cooled
  • Form Heading