Start/Charge System Analyzer

Part Number: AUTBVA-200S
Price: $897.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Auto Meter’s BVA series of testers are the most technically advanced handheld battery and electrical system analyzers available on the market today. The BVA series delivers unequalled accuracy, speed and ease of use while measuring battery, starting and charging systems all in under 82 seconds. This tester utilizes Auto Meter’s patented Digital Pulse Load (DPL) technology for a true automated load providing an accurate test that will not leave you guessing.


  • Battery Check and Load Test, Alternator/Stator Diodes and Regulation Test, Starter Draw Test all in under 82 seconds
  • Unparalleled test accuracy thanks to a true load being placed on the battery and electrical system
  • Safely and accurately tests nearly all battery types including AGM batteries
  • 100-1600 CCA and 10-265 AH battery range
  • Capable of detecting bad cells and “near end of life status” of batteries, preventing unnecessary comebacks
  • Test results as Pass/Fail or CCA/AH values
  • Tests both 12 and 24 volt charging systems
  • Automatically stores results of last 188 tests conducted
  • Capable of exporting test data to PC for unlimited test data storage with optional RS232 PC cable (AC-12) or wirelessly via infrared printer (PR-12)
  • Industrial grade Rugged anodized aluminum housing and rubberized case
  • Heavy duty, 6 gauge, 30” leads with professional grade clamps that are easily field serviceable

  • Specs:

  • Applications: 6V & 12V Automotive & Commercial Starting Batteries, 12V Starting and Charging Systems
  • 6V Tests: Battery Check and Load Test
  • 12V Tests: Battery Check and Load Test, Alternator/Stator Diodes and Regulation Test, Starter Draw Test
  • Operational Temperature: 0-120ºF
  • Operational Humidity: 0-85%
  • Dimensions: 5.9"x9.6"x2.1"
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Battery Voltage: 6 & 12 Volt
  • Battery Types & Voltage: Flooded, AGM, Marine, AGM Marine
  • Battery Range: 100-1600 CCA, 10-265 AH
  • Automated Load: 120 Amp
  • Alternator Test: Yes / 12 & 24 Volt
  • Stator Diode Test: Yes
  • Starter Draw Test: Yes
  • Load Leads: 30", 6 - Gauge, Adapter Required for GM Side Post
  • Field Replaceable Leads: Yes
  • Infrared Battery Temp Measurement: No
  • Communications to PC: RS-232 via Optional AC-12 Cable
  • Memory: 188 Tests
  • Language: English, Spanish, & French
  • Internal Battery: 9 Volt DC
  • Carrying Handle: No
  • Rubber Boot: Yes
  • Clamp Storage Pins: No
  • External Volt Leads: No
  • Cooling: Vented
  • Display: 1"x2.5" 4 Line 16 Character
  • Form Heading