Heavy Duty Handheld Battery/Electric System Analyzer

Part Number: BCT-200J
Price: $1,179.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The BCT-200J utilizes Auto Meter's advanced preventative maintenance testing mode to quickly check the battery and starting/charging system for any failures, saving time and money. Designed and optimized for deep cycle and starting batteries, flooded and AGM. DIN Connector serial port communication.

Designed for the heavy-duty industry where accuracy is extremely important. Advanced DPL Technology is used for battery testing, including a battery bank test, to shorten the battery test procedure. Firmware includes Auto Meter's innovative automated-voltage drop test and J1708 information retrieval. This tester stores the last 120 tests which can be retrieved on its LCD display, printed to the optional infrared printer, or downloaded to a personal computer with the AC-10 PC adapter cable.


  • Designed for and used exclusively by heavy-duty truck and off-road equipment technicians
  • Tests flooded and AGM batteries and starting/charging circuits
  • Compatible with 24v charging and starting systems
  • Tests control circuit
  • Will test up to four batteries at one time
  • Patented automated voltage drop test
  • Optional cables for J1708 communication
  • Advanced Digital Pulse Load battery technology
  • Quickly identify the real electrical issues
  • Included external volt leads and AC-27 alternator adapters
  • Reverse polarty protected
  • New simplified preventative maintenance testing option
  • New AGM optimized battery testing option

  • Features:

  • Battery Type: Flooded & AGM
  • Battery Voltage: 6 & 12 Volt
  • Battery Range: 100 - 1600 CCA per Battery (up to 4)
  • Automated Load: 120 amp
  • Lead Length & Size: 48" - 6 Gauge
  • Clamps: Heavy Duty
  • Field Replaceable Leads: Yes
  • Infrared Battery Temp Sensor: No
  • PC Communication: PC Adaptor (optional)
  • Alternator Test: Yes - 12V & 24V
  • Stator Diode Test: Yes
  • Starter Draw Test: Voltage Drop
  • Voltage Drop Test: Yes
  • External Volt Leads: 240"
  • Memory: 120 Tests
  • Operational Temp: 0 - 120 degree F
  • Operational Humidity: 0 - 85%
  • Language: English, Spanish, & French
  • Internal Battery: 9V DC
  • Dimensions: 5.9" x 9.6" x 2.1"
  • Case: Metal
  • Display: Digital
  • Cooling: Vented
  • Printer (optional): PR-12
  • Form Heading