Power Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer
Part Number: PS3500
Price: $2,369.97
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THE POWERSIGHT PS3500 POWER AND ENERGY ANALYZER is the best choice if you are looking for a versatile, easy-to-use power monitor suitable for energy and demand power studies. It is a data logger, energy and demand meter, harmonics analyzer and "live-view" scope and multimeter — all in one!

It can:

• Record energy use (kWh), and peak demand
• Log power parameters: volts, amps, watts, va, var, pf, etc. over time (days/weeks/months)
• Track total harmonic distortion to the 63rd harmonic
• Display real time values in meter window – just like a multimeter
• Display oscilloscope waveforms, harmonic spectra, phasors via a PC + Bluetooth wireless communications
• Measure DC voltage and current
• Monitor 50Hz, or 60Hz systems